I have been in the human service field for 30 years working with people from all cultures and walks of life. I am thrilled to bring that experience with me into my private counselling practice. I have always loved to help people in very practical ways and having a front row seat as individuals transform their lives in ways even they did not think possible is beyond amazing. This is what continues to fuel my passion for the profession of counselling therapy. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you work towards mental wellness. I want to help you thrive, not just survive!

Hi, I'm Dawn

I'm here because I believe that

under the right circumstances, therapy can be life changing!

My approach is collaborative and client centered and I work diligently at creating a safe and non judgmental space where you will be heard and affirmed.


My approach to therapy is person centered (you lead the way) and non-directive (I am not the expert of your life, you are!) I work with teens, adults and couples. My goal is to grab my therapeutic tool box and a flashlight and meet you exactly where you are at so we can find the way out of the darkness together. I am trained in EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and have found it to be a very effective therapy for a variety of mental health issues, including PTSD and CPTSD.

My Approach:


What I'm into:

I'm really into my husband of 12 years, my son, stepson, and our 2 black labs, Jessie and Mya. 

My hobbies include crochet, gardening, and watching great made for TV drama series with my husband. Camping is our favourite thing to do in the summer and we travel across the province having great adventures with our two dogs. I also love a good movie and popcorn night. 

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Convocated from the U of S with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology

Started as a Student counsellor with students in the Literacy and Adult Education Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formally SIAST)



Worked as a Career and Employment Consultant with Canada Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services


Started work with the Govt of Sask as an Income Support Worker with the Dept of Social Services

Started my Masters in Counselling at Athabasca University in Alberta




Private counselling practicum completed

Elected the provincial director for Sask for my Professional Association (CCPA). Will be sitting on a national board for a 2 year term



Started a part time private counselling practice in Warman


Convocated from Athabasca Univ with a Masters in Counselling Psychology

Retiring from Sk Polytech and my life in public service to focus solely on my private practice. 


Upcoming '23


Some of my Favourite Quotes

Bring The Light Back Into Your Life 

If you're ready to start living a more fulfilling life